How to Play Blackjack?

How to play Blackjack? This question is asked by many gamblers just after they get the answer to another question: what is blackjack? There are many of those who want to try their hand at it. If we talk about the game’s objectives, it all goes down to the fact that it is necessary to outplay the dealer. This is done by collecting a combination of cards that have a better value than the dealer’s one. The gambler also wins in the following cases:

  • if the value of the dealer’s cards is higher than 21;
  • when you draw the first two cards with a value of 21 if the dealer has not already done so.

It should also be noted that the value of the other players’ hands has no effect on you because you basically play against the dealer.

Blackjack sequence

How to choose legal casino to play Blackjack? For every gambler, the game begins with the selection of a casino. It is recommended to pay attention only to such resources that have a special license and provide their services in India. After that, it is necessary to complete a simple registration process and confirm the account via e-mail or a phone number. Now it is the time to make a deposit and start playing Blackjack online:

  • a certain number of chips will be received for the amount deposited by the gambler – the value of chips may vary depending on the selected online establishment;
  • the beginning of the round is the time when players make bets. almost all online casinos operating in India have a minimum bet amount set equal to $5. The size of the maximum bet can also vary. If these figures are extremely important to you, clarify all the points before making a deposit;
  • when all bets are made, the dealer deals cards clockwise – face up for the players and face down for himself. Then the dealer will give each participant one card face up. The card for the dealer will be also dealt face up;
  • Then a player decides how to play the hand. For example, it is possible to ask the dealer for more cards. Players use a total of 5 ways to play the hand;
  • it’s possible to stick with the basic strategy; however, it should be taken into account what card the dealer has got with the face up.

The last stage is the payout. After the gambler’s hand is played and when the dealer plays his hand, the following will happen: The dealer will leave the game with a payout equal to 1 time the bet for each of the hands remaining in the game. If the dealer gets a combination of cards in the range of 17 to 21 points and if your hand is still in the game, the best hand is determined. If the dealer has a higher hand, your bet is increased. And if you have a higher hand, the dealer makes a one-time bet payment. If your hands are the same, you keep your money without receiving a payout on your bet. 

Blackjack variations

How to play Blackjack game is shortly described above. However, before you start to play for real money, you need to study them thoroughly. By the way, there are other rules of the game in addition to the basic ones because there are several Blackjack variations:

  1. Doubling after splitting. The principle of the game comes down to the possibility of doubling the hand after splitting.
  2. Ace splitting. There are online casinos, including those operating in India, which enable gamblers to split their aces over again. In this case, if the aces are split and you get an ace again, you can split them into a third hand. The maximum number of hands is 4. If the casino allows such a variation of the game, then it is very advantageous for fans of gambling entertainment.
  3. Early surrender is different from regular surrender with only the fact that you can surrender until the dealer checks for blackjack or offers insurance.
  4. Blackjack from 6 to 5. There are some casinos in India that reduce the 3-2 payout for blackjack to 6-5. Be sure to check the rules at the online casino of your choice.
  5. CSM Blackjack, like the previous version, does not promise players a big win. Its principle is that during the drawing the cards are constantly shuffled. The used cards are also included. This makes card counting almost useless.
  6. Deck Penetration. This variation has to do with the percentage of cards dealt during the game. It is based on reducing the number of decks used during the game. It also reduces the likelihood of the gambler winning a good amount.

Choose the best option for yourself and enjoy the exciting gameplay. Register on the website of a reliable casino, choose Blackjack winning strategy and test your luck. 

Blackjack rules

Before registering at a particular casino website, read how to play online blackjack on this very platform. You have to be confident that all the terms and conditions are acceptable to you, and you are willing to make a deposit in this particular establishment. Before you play, study the basic rules of the game thoroughly to understand if a particular website wants to cheat on you. It is best to play under the standard Blackjack rules. However, there is a possibility to select a casino where the game variation can result in good earnings for the gambler.

How to get started to play Blackjack

After studying the rules, players wonder: how to play blackjack at casino? It is required to begin with the registration on the website of an online establishment. Gamblers are recommended to do it at the casino that has a license to provide such services and sets the rules that fully meet your requirements.

To be able to play online, it is enough to have a laptop, computer, or smartphone with Internet access. Many websites offer users to download a special application designed to make the game as comfortable as possible. By the way, such client software is available for both Android and iOS.

Best Casinos to start playing blackjack

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Naturally, making a deposit is also required. Depositing the desired amount to the game account can be performed in different ways:

  • wire transfer;
  • prepaid cards;
  • e-wallets —  Paytm, Google Pay, IMPS/UPI, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal for Blackjack.

Supported deposit methods are usually listed by the relevant websites. So this information can be found in the corresponding section of the platform.