Blackjack variations

Blackjack casino games is a very popular card game around the world. It is not surprising that at various online casinos in India, it is also in considerable demand. Such gambling entertainment does not need long training, and the process of choosing the winner is as simple as possible. Even unprepared Indian gamblers get into the gameplay in a matter of hours and remember the basic rules.

Why do Indian online casinos add this gambling entertainment? Thus, there is an enticement for those players who adore card games. Are you just getting acquainted with the games for money? Then it is better to gain experience and develop a Blackjack winning strategy on such machines. There are several types of blackjack, which you will get acquainted with below.

American Blackjack 

With the European version of blackjack, American blackjack is the most popular, particularly in India. They differ in various nuances, but the first one that catches the gambler’s eye is the stage where the dealer takes the closed card he owns. If we take the American version, then the dealer has his own dealt card even before the player decides on his hand. Also, there is a distinction in the difference of options for splitting and doubling.

European Blackjack

The European version of this popular card game has more game restrictions compared to the previous version. In addition, here the dealer does not receive a closed card until the players decide to draw their dealt cards.

American vs European:

  • The European version is played without a closed card. Here, the dealer holds his right card face up when he deals, but does not make a check with his second card until the players have played their hands;
  • The European version does not involve the dealer looking into blackjack. The player can accept extra insurance if the dealer’s card is an Ace. In the American version, the dealer looks at the card that is closed. There he will see if there is a blackjack. If so, the insurance bet will be paid, and the rest lose in all cases except when the player does not have blackjack. In such a case, the hand will “play” a “push,” that is, a draw with a return of the bet;
  • The third difference in the European option is the limited possibility of doubling. Here the player can double the bet only if the hand has values of 9, 10 and 11. On the other hand, the American version does not have any restrictions on the value of the hand with which the bet is increased;
  • European blackjack does not imply a lot of split options, so it is considered stricter. Players are only allowed to split once. As for cards, only 10 of the same face value can be split.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

How to play Blackjack? The basic principles of this type of game are as follows:

  • The dealer gets 4 decks of cards;
  • The dealer checks blackjack;
  • It is possible to double the bet on any hand, which is the starting hand;
  • it is possible to double after splitting;
  • you can split a maximum of 4 hands per game;
  • Aces are divided only once;
  • It is allowed to divide cards by 10 values even if they are different if it is a jack and a king.

All of these are key features of Vegas Strip Blackjack, though the goal doesn’t change – you have to get blackjack like in all other games or beat the dealer by scoring more points, but no more than 21. Choose your suitable blackjack game, make a deposit for Blackjack (Paytm, Google Pay, IMPS/UPI, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal – these are the most popular payment methods in India), place your bet and enjoy an exciting gaming experience from any device that has access to the net.

Blackjack Switch

A special feature of Blackjack Switch is that, unlike all other Blackjack variations, here you can play both hands separately with the possibility of switching or swapping the second card. In addition, there is no jack switch – this version implies the same bets for two hands with the possibility of replacing the second card. In addition to the mentioned “switch”, there is another feature – the dealer’s hand of 22 does not refer to “failure”. Instead of losing a draw is implied, but for this there must also be a certain condition – the absence of a blackjack player, which was created using the split or switch. This version of the game was created by Jeff Hall, known even among Indian gamblers. How to choose legal casino to play Blackjack? This type of game is available at online casinos in different countries. This software is developed by the famous company Playtech. Choose only verified virtual clubs, which work legally and then after winning you will be able to withdraw your finances without problems.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

This variation of the game shows how popular a side bet can become. Before the cards are dealt, players will have an extra bet on the so-called “perfect pairs”. If the gamblers agree, the additional bet will be calculated before the drawing of the main with the rules offered by the online casino.

Rules of Blackjack are quite simple:

  • The gambler makes an additional bet in conjunction with the main bet;
  • Two cards are dealt to the dealer and the player;
  • Additional bet made on the ideal pairs are calculated;
  • the main game continues until its completion;
  • After deciding the side bet on perfect pairs, the main game is played according to the rules of the particular casino. 

To summarize briefly, it is safe to say that blackjack has a large number of variations available. Their rules may differ, but only slightly. Thanks to such diversity, each gamer can easily choose the most suitable game for himself based on personal preferences.