Blackjack strategies

Blackjack card game is a very popular game among gamblers in India. There’s nothing surprising about this, because it’s one of the card games with the simplest rules possible. Despite this, many players find it difficult to master. To ensure that the time you spend at online casinos was spent fruitfully, you need to study in detail the available Blackjack strategy and choose the most appropriate for yourself. Below you will find the top strategies that help gamblers to stay a winner.

The basic strategy

This is the name of a specific set of rules for the playing of a hand. With their help you will be able to:

  • minimize your losses:
  • get the maximum expected winnings.

Any strategy is based on mathematical calculations. The basic method uses information about the amount of points of the gambler and the dealer’s open card. If no other information is available, the basic strategy will be the source of the correct way to play the hand. This is when other strategies may not bring the expected result. 

It should be understood that any player’s decision in the basic strategy depends entirely on the amount of cards available to the gambler and the face value of the card held by the dealer. Any initial layout has an optimal solution. They are all consolidated by the players in handy tables. Some online casinos in India even sell them to their players. So, if you follow all the recommendations of this strategy, the resulting mathematical expectation is within -0.6% to +0.2%. This belief applies to the standard rules. Before you apply any strategy, be sure to study in detail the rules of Blackjack. 

The betting system “1-3-2-6”

After the blackjack basic strategy, the system called 1-3-2-6 is also popular. Despite some confusion, it allows you to achieve good results. Below you can see an example of its use:

  • its main principle is to increase your bet by a specific sequence multiplier each time you win up to 4 bets;
  • if you make the first bet equal to $5, the second must be $15, the third $10 and the fourth $30. After that, there is a refund on the amount of the first bet, and so on all the way around.

The purpose of all this is to keep the risk of losing to a minimum. If you lose on one of the bets, you will go back to the original bet – $5 in the example.

Manhattan 2-1-2

The Manhattan 2-1-2 is next in the Blackjack strategy chart list. Indian gamblers are very fond of this option, so we suggest you try it too. Its purpose is to minimize the risks. Compared to the previous strategy, Manhattan has a smaller betting step. Regardless of the initial bet amount you choose, if you win you double it, and if you win again you go back to the original amount. And so on in a circle. If you lose, you must return to the original bet. In the case of using this method, even if you lose a few games, you will always have some profit. The strategy is as simple and straightforward as possible and will work equally well for beginners and more experienced gamers.


This is probably one of the most famous financial strategies used not only for playing blackjack, but also in many other online casino games. This is a very simple strategy, with the help of which the player almost always keeps winning. This strategy involves doubling the amount each time you lose. If your first bet is $5, then if you lose, the next bet should be $10. Having lost this time too, $10 should be doubled. In this case, the third bet will be $20, and so on. This is a great option for those who have a good deposit, but keep in mind that this is a very risky system. We advise you to keep a close eye on your own deposit, so as not to lose everything.  


The mentioned system was used to play dice, but then the gamblers moved it to blackjack. When it is used correctly, the player can win the initial bet with almost 100% probability.

How to play Blackjack using this strategy? Oscar is based on increasing the bet by the same amount. For example, if you bet $2, you have to bet $2 again if you win. In this way, you are sure to win one bet. In case the first bet of $2 is lost, you need to double the amount – in the end, the second bet will be $4. Thus, the gambler manages not only to cover the losses, but also to make a profit, which is equal to the unit of earnings. Like any other strategy, “Oscar” requires the player to get used to it and clearly comply with all existing recommendations.


This system is at the top of the top strategies used. There is nothing special here – Flat does not need mathematical calculations and a large stock of money on deposit. The basis of the system is a bet of a fixed amount. Regardless of whether you win or lose and what Blackjack variations have been chosen- you have to bet the amount you are ready to bet. For example, if you initially decided to bet $ 5, then do not decrease and do not increase this number. Thus, the gambler minimizes the existing risks and controls the gaming situation. 

Play responsibly

No matter which of the above Blackjack winning strategy you choose, you need to follow a few basic rules that are common to gambling. How to choose legal casino to play Blackjack? First of all, bet only at those Indian online casinos that have the appropriate license. Only then you can be sure – the results of the game will be truly fair. The administration will not be able to tweak the game in his favor all the time – everything will happen as if you were playing at a real table, not a software casino.Be sure to follow the system of capital management. Do not go immediately with the whole amount of the game balance – divide the deposit so that you have enough for a long game.Replenish your balance by any convenient way – Paytm, Google Pay, IMPS/UPI, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and Blackjack will please you with dynamic and exciting game.